David Hyres

“Dear Sirs:

Thanks again for the terrific results on the recent master bathroom remodel of our home in Puyallup, WA. Although we reviewed several bids, it was clear after the first review that Kingdom Builders Construction, LLC would be selected for the job. As we first checked references, each one uniformly sang the praises of your management and staff. The common denominator was that each homeowner made a point to comment about the professionalism of your staff, outstanding quality of work, and the wonderful experiences that each homeowner had at every stage of the remodel processes. Frankly, that inspired our own confidence that my wife Julie and I had selected you as the right contractor as you came into our home.

As for our own master bathroom remodel results, we could not have been happier at the overall experience and especially with the fine quality and the craftsmanship of their work. Also, Ryan and Kenny made a point to keep us informed as to the schedule and were very quick to answer any questions that we may have had? Additionally, and much appreciated, the staff was very carful to be respectful of our home and did their absolute best to mitigate any issues such as dust or noise during the construction process. As a matter of fact, our 16-year-old dog, sometimes would lay in the pathway of construction leading into the master bathroom and your staff would simply just step over her and continue their work without missing a beat.

Lastly, prior to the remodel, we had talked to another party that knew Kingdom Builders Construction, LLC professionally and was told early on that your company is very honest and has high integrity. They said, “If you ever need too, you can just leave them the keys to your home and not worry about anything”? Anyway, after this remodel, I feel the same way and would say to any of your future customers that “they are clearly a company that has very high standards, can be depended upon completely and most importantly can be trusted to deliver on their agreements and promises.”


David S. Hyres

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