Selecting A Contractor

If you are receiving bids for a remodel or new construction project, you might want to consider more than proposal totals. Not all proposals are created equal. We have a few recommendations that might help you with your selection process:

1). Get more than 1 bid.

If you don’t get a few how do you know if you are getting a good deal or not?

2). Compare the bids!

I really want to stress this one. There are a couple things to look for here. Set the proposals side by side. Look for things that might be missing. Did one of the contractors miss something OR intentionally leave something out to land the job? They will charge you for it later as a “change order.” Now the cheapest bid is in the same playing field with the others or in many cases higher.

3). Is this really the place where you want a bargain?

I know everyone is out for a good deal, (myself included), however bargain prices usually means bargain quality…especially in the realm of construction. Getting the cheapest price on garbage bags and socks is a great idea. It’s low risk if they fall apart a week later no biggie. Your home is in a different category all together.

4). Build a relationship.

Last but not least, you will enjoy the process much more if you get to know your contractor. Sometimes these projects can last several months and even years for large projects. If you find it hard to get along with a contractor in your first meetings chances are the relationship isn’t going to get better. And listen to that little voice in your heart/ head. We feel this to be a very powerful tool! If you get a bad feeling that you can’t explain take a step back and reconsider!

We really hope this helps and would love to answer any of your questions or concerns. Please message us if we can be of any help at :

Ryan Jewell
Kingdom Builders Construction, LLC

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